Solutions for Intelligence
Agencies and Security Forces

We deliver the most advanced audio and video analysis techniques, available for intelligence agencies and international and national security forces.


  • Audiovisual Content digitization and integration with IP and analog cameras, TV signals and Radio
  • Viewing Live Content directly with a Mosaic View and user configurable
  • Content analyzers for its indexation and automatic search: Voice and Face Recognition, Audio Fingerprint, Speech to Text to various languages.
  • Clip and Video creation of desired content for proceedings
  • Application with different security levels
  • Third party intelligence platforms integration
  • Big data system integration



  • Unidad militar de emergencias


    The Emergency Military Unit (UME) needed to implement in its Joined Operation Center and Main Headquarters, a system that would allow them to record, archive, document and search for audiovisual content coming from different media: TV stations, satellite, radio, and signals generated from presentation devices or video recorders in several formats. Videoma is the solution implemented in order to cover all these needs.