Solutions for
the Health Industry

We adapt Multimedia Management to the Health Sector. We bring the audiovisual world to the patients record, we record and monitor surgery rooms for educational purposes, and support of medical diagnoses.

  • Recording and Monitor of Surgery rooms and ICUs in Hospitals
  • Telemedicine Sessions Recording
  • Medical personnel and Scholastic training
  • Multimedia Patients Record


  • Encrypted Camera Signals Recordings
  • Viewing Live Content directly with a Mosaic View and user configurable
  • Integrated with Hospital Management Systems
  • Medical Thesaurus creation
  • Streaming a dispositivo(s) remotos
  • Remote device(s) Streaming
  • Speech to Text transcription between various languages
  • Content publication in the Hospital’s website
  • On-premise/cloud configuration
  • Application with different security levels




  • Mistela


    Mistela is a European project led by everis, in which ISID, as the venture group, supports media management environments.

  • Telma


    The objective of the project is to generate TELMA, a training environment based on online learning technologies. TELMA creates a new training strategy based on knowledge management, cooperative work and information technology and communications to improve the effectiveness of the training process (initial and ongoing) of surgeons in Surgical Minimal Invasion Units (CMI).

  • Clinic Barcelona

    Hospital clínic de Barcelona

    The Clínic Hospital of Barcelona is a university hospital with more than 100 years of history and specialized in the main medical interventions and surgical operations. Areas where they needed to implement new technologies applied to the training of its Doctors and Students, and improve Patient Control and Diagnosis. For all this, Videoma was the solution chosen for the monitoring of patients in the ICUs and the recording and management of surgical operations for its further analysis and broadcasting among medical personnel and students.