Solutions for
Public Administrations

We manage historic archives and support its broadcasting to the public. We offer media monitoring for political analysis and electoral processes. We provide support to organizations and institutions that regulate the media.


  • Audiovisual Content Digitization
  • Integration with Analog Cameras and IP, TV Signals, and Radio
  • Viewing Live Content directly with a Mosaic View and user configurable
  • Content analyzers for its indexation and automatic search: Voice and Face Recognition, Audio Fingerprint, Speech to Text to various languages.
  • Photo and Document Library creation
  • Format conversion between different resolutions for its broadcasting
  • Clips and EDLs creation of desired content
  • Customization of Documentation schema
  • Application with different security levels
  • Integration with Administration sites
  • On-premise/Cloud configuration


  • Filmoteca Vasca

    Basque Film Archive

    The Basque Film Archive was founded in 1978 with the aim of conducting research, recovery, archiving, preservation and exhibition of audiovisual films that are of interest to the study of cinema in general and particularly Basque cinema. Also another of its objectives is to gather and keep documentation and technical material whose conservation is desirable for its cultural or historical interest. Videoma helps the Basque Film Archive in this task.

  • Ministerio de la presidencia

    Presidencia del Gobierno

    From the Presidency Communication Secretary (Spain), a precise process of recording, management and edition of audiovisual and radio content generated from numerous media is done with the goal of developing press kits. All recording, management, transcoding, automatic content extraction, exploitation, and publication of content to the Institution’s intranet processes are supported by Videoma.

  • Comunidad de Madrid

    Ayuntamiento de Madrid

    The press department within Madrid’s Town Hall needed a tool that would allow them to monitor public news broadcasted in local and state TV stations. Videoma was the solution chosen to monitor such media.