Smart multimedia management

Videoma Content Manager integrates in one single platform all the capabilities for acquisition, automatic classification, archive and distribution of multimedia content (videos, photos, audios and documents).

It incorporates also artificial intelligence to automate and to make easier the indexing of content, saving time and allowing a more efficient use of resources.

Our solution includes all the tools for a professional content edition (cuts, format changes, subtitles, etc.) allowing the content leader to combine in one platform all the utilities needed to answer the requests of all the departments (brand & communication, training or sales, for example). Also, each user can organize and customize the content according to the structure and operation that better suit its needs.

Our technology allows a quick and easy file inclusion, even massive loads, and ensures an extensive compatibility with all kind of formats, which makes Videoma Content Manager an ideal system for the digitalization of big audiovisual collections.

Among its differential aspects, the platform stands out for the use of artificial intelligence modules for the automatic analysis and classification of stored content, including facial and voice biometrics, object recognition in a scene and speech-to-text transcription and translation in multiples languages, among others. All this allows to locate immediately persons, objects or words.

  • Multimedia content manager with artificial intelligence.
  • Compatible with any video, audio and picture file format.
  • Biometric identification (face and voice), identification of objects, vehicles, animals, logos, and people in scenes, OCR.
  • Automatic speech-to-text transcription for data indexing and translation.
  • Agile and easy data search.
  • Content distribution in multiple formats and channels.
  • Control and security of profiles and user roles.
  • Historic management, integration with HSM.
  • Multimedia edition: cuts, clips, frame extraction, new content generation.
  • Allows the integration of modules for recording.
  • Modular and scalable solution: from small repositories to big multimedia collections.
  • Complete functional API to interact with other platforms (intranet) or export and import contents.
  • On-premise and cloud configuration.