Media Monitoring

Videoma automates the Recording, Cataloging and Indexing of content coming from:

  • Television

  • Radio

  • Cameras (IP/Analog)

  • Social Media

  • Scheduling and selection of content to record
  • Integrated player for live viewing (includes mosaic mode)
  • Transcode native quality recording (master) to different formats in lower resolutions (proxies)
  • Manual or automatic clip generation over selected keywords
  • Exploitation and content delivery & associated metadata via XML files or API integration
  • Multi-device viewing and multi-language interface customization
  • Reporting and statistics module customization
  • Incorporation of different content analysis modules: speech to text (+ in real time), audio fingerprinting, subtitling or teletext, OCR...
  • Integration with social network monitoring systems (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube...)
  • Analog baseband or digital signals (SDI, HDMI)
  • IP Encoded signals (DVB-S/T/C, ISDB-T, ATSC)
  • Live Signals
  • Large volume recordings of pre-catalogued content
  • Scheduled recording or video on demand
  • HLS loop recording for content manipulation while recording live
  • Any resolution (from CIF to HD) of HTML5 formats (MPEG-4/MP3)
  • Metadata configured by user for video, audio, clips, images, or documents
  • Storyboard generation
  • Subtitles capture in real time
  • Manual or automatic clipping (via Recognition Systems)
  • Complex and fast content searches (full-search)
  • Reporting generation
  • Transcoding of videos, clips, or EDLs. Natively or to predefined formats
  • API for publishing content on client’s website
  • Web Access, via LAN/VPN/Internet, web services (SOA)
  • Unlimited
  • Functionalities management and users/groups access levels.
  • Detailed usage logs
Back Ups and Storage:
  • Customized back up configurations and deletions for automated loop recordings
  • Unlimited storage management