TV and radio monitoring

Videoma Media Monitor is a powerful software platform which offers a comprehensive solution for mass media monitoring. It integrates in a single platform all the necessary tasks for an effective media monitoring: captures both TV and radio broadcasts as well as online platforms content, and subsequently applies artificial intelligence and advanced analyzers to automatically classify all the data.

Thanks to an automated and intelligent content management, Videoma Media Monitor provides significant advantages for users: better quality and depth of analysis, and the optimization of necessary resources, especially where contents are still manually reviewed. Videoma Media Monitor is an ideal solution for media monitoring agencies and government agencies, among others.

  • Content management and automated classification.
  • Capture and automated analysis of TV channels and radio stations.
  • Capture and automated analysis of online video platforms , podcast, etc. Tracking and automated review of uploaded content in interest accounts.
  • Highly intuitive software platform. Simple information search.
  • Alert configuration.
  • Artificial intelligence applied toc content analysis and classification.
  • Facial recognition for automated person identification.
  • Audio fingerprint for automated voice recognition.
  • Automated recognition of melodies and sound patterns.
  • Automated object recognition.
  • Automated advert recognition.
  • Automated logo and graph recognition.
  • Automated transcription from voice to text to index content and facilitate the search of information.