TV & Radio Monitoring

With the platform Videoma installed on-premise, the user can monitor any broadcast signal 24/7 (TV & Radio), and automatically store the content for later use.

Schedule your recording, document it with metadata, search through the collection and share the result.

Complement the system and make advanced searches simple with our powerful multi-language speech to text transcription service, or closed captioning extraction, among others.

  • Scheduling and selection of content to record
  • Integrated player for live viewing (includes mosaic mode)
  • Transcode native quality recording (master) to different formats in lower resolutions (proxies)
  • Manual or automatic clip generation over selected keywords
  • Exploitation and content delivery & associated metadata via XML files or API integration
  • Multi-device viewing and multi-language interface customization
  • Reporting and statistics module customization
  • Incorporation of different content analysis modules: speech to text (+ in real time), audio fingerprinting, subtitling or teletext, OCR...
  • Integration with social network monitoring systems (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube...)
  • Analog baseband or digital signals (SDI, HDMI)
  • IP Encoded signals (DVB-S/T/C, ISDB-T, ATSC)
  • Live Signals
  • Large volume recordings of pre-catalogued content
  • Scheduled recording or video on demand
  • HLS loop recording for content manipulation while recording live
  • Any resolution (from CIF to HD) of HTML5 formats (MPEG-4/MP3)
  • Metadata configured by user for video, audio, clips, images, or documents
  • Storyboard generation
  • Subtitles capture in real time
  • Manual or automatic clipping (via Recognition Systems)
  • Complex and fast content searches (full-search)
  • Reporting generation
  • Transcoding of videos, clips, or EDLs. Natively or to predefined formats
  • API for publishing content on client’s website
  • Web Access, via LAN/VPN/Internet, web services (SOA)
  • Unlimited
  • Functionalities management and users/groups access levels.
  • Detailed usage logs
Back Ups and Storage:
  • Customized back up configurations and deletions for automated loop recordings
  • Unlimited storage management