Digital recording for courtrooms

Videoma Agora is a cutting-edge software platform optimized for courtrooms recording that includes intelligent audio and video processing.

Our solution indexes, analyzes and archives recordings automatically, using biometric recognition and speech-to-text transcription technologies, which make it possible to classify and search all the data easily. This way it is possible to simplify the process and use the resources efficiently. Furthermore, it is an ideal system to promote digital transformation in the Justice sector.

Videoma Agora has been developed to meet the needs of courts and hearing rooms: it makes it possible to prepare the session automatically or manually, managing the intervening parties and the key points in the session, generating minutes or digitally signing the event. In addition, Videoma Agora is suitable for the hardware and software systems used in courts, making its integration easier.

  • Automatic session preparation.
  • Automatic inclusion of key session points.
  • Automatic speaker indentification.
  • Automatic speech-to-text transcription for data indexing and translation.
  • Easy data search.
  • Simple interface, adapted to legal environment.
  • Digital signing for each session.
  • Automated record generation with customized templates.
  • Multiroom solution: management of multiples rooms from a single position.
  • Allows in real-time and deferred notes.
  • Multiple video and audio source management, form the room itself as external sources.
  • English
  • Spanish