Digital video recordings for parliaments and city councils

Videoma Civitas is a software platform designed to record and catalogue automatically plenary sessions in parliaments, congress and city council meetings using advanced artificial intelligence systems.

This makes it possible to minimize processing time and to reduce necessary resources. Thanks to that, Videoma Civitas speeds up the publication of data on social media as well as public portals. In addition, the cataloging process allows quick and simple searches.

Our software includes modules for automated transcription and biometric recognition of speakers. It allows to prepare the session based on an agenda, or to import this information. Finally, it enables video certification by means of digital signature. Videoma Civitas makes easier the access of citizens and journalists to parliaments or city councils meeting information.

  • Automatic or manual preparation of the session.
  • Automatic speech-to-text transcription for data indexing and translation.
  • Automatic speaker identification.
  • Automatic publication on portals, increasing public administrations transparency and visibility.
  • Publication of content on social media.
  • Automatic clips by intervention and agenda.
  • Allows tags and comments in real time during the sessions.
  • Multiroom and multilocation solution.
  • Allows video certification by means of digital signature.
  • Easy and intuitive interface, customized for each institution.