Videoma is a software specialized in the Management and Contextualization of Multimedia Content

  • Videoma allows the automatic recording, cataloguing and indexation of content coming from Radio, Television or any other IP/Analog camera signal
  • It can manage acquired audiovisual and photographic content
  • Allows the recording and live monitoring of trials, plenaries and congresses, as well as surgery rooms and ICUs, TV sets, press conferences and class recordings.

Product Applications

Media Monitoring

  • Complete live monitoring of audiovisual and radio content generated by the media in each country.
  • IP signals capture and possibility to integrate with closed circuit cameras (CCTVS) for its viewing and recording.
  • Analytical tools for Internet monitoring (Social Media, Blogs and Forums, Digital Press).
  • Several automatic analysis options for its indexation, cataloguing and process: Audio Fingerprint analysis, Facial and Voice Biometry, Logo recognition.
  • Integration with Quality Control systems.

Recording, Monitorization and Broadcasting of Proceedings and Events

  • Recording and Live Monitoring of plenary sessions, training sessions, surgical operations.
  • Possibility to watch camera live streams and broadcasting of content to remote devices
  • It can interact with audiovisual elements in rooms (cameras, microphones and audio mixers).
  • Incorporates edition capabilities and consolidation of content for case files or event summaries.
  • Integration capabilities for external sites and e-learning platforms: Moodle.

Legal Procedures Recording

  • Recording, Monitoring and Management of Trials in Court Rooms
  • Live monitoring of single rooms or complete management of several rooms within the Control Center
  • Can interact with audiovisual elements inside the room (cameras, microphones and audio mixers).
  • Integrates all the events detailed information coming from the proceedings management systems
  • Procedure publication and different documentation options and cataloguing of content generated (automatic transcriptions, speaker recognition).

Forensic Analysis Laboratory

  • Massive content analysis platform coming from different sources (media, internet, files and databases).
  • Integration with audio and image quality improvement systems
  • Several automatic analysis options for its indexation, cataloguing and process: Audio Fingerprint analysis, Facial and Voice Biometry, Logo recognition.
  • Audio to Text transcription between different languages and accents.
  • Integration and export easiness of Metadata and Big Data systems

Multimedia Archive Management

  • Massive storage and management of audiovisual and image contents.
  • Automatic acquisition of content in any format (incorporates digitalization process).
  • Index and catalogue automatically the content in order to simplify and ease searches, allowing group collections for visualization by different departments and/or users.
  • Storage in different qualities to optimize resources according to the archive requirements.
  • Edition capabilities and conformation of content. Possibility to publish in Social media and video platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc…).
  • Storage on premise or cloud.

Special Applications

  • Customization of our products to cover our client’s special needs in terms of recordings and management of video & audio applied to security environments.
  • People and vehicle tracking in big spaces and/or critical locations.
  • Recording and monitorization of industrial procedures to detect possible frauds.