Professional Media Management & Analysis Platform

(Video, Audio, Images, and Documents)

The all-in-one solution to Capture, Manage, Analyze and Share, any multimedia content from TV Channels, Radio Stations, Social Media, IP Streams or your Local Files.

Videoma Applications


  • Modular and Scalable System
  • Cloud or On-premise Configurations Availability
  • User Defined Metadata
  • Multi-language and Multi-format
  • Responsive UI
  • API Included

Videoma captures analog or digital signals (IP), from TV, radio, and cameras, as well as Internet content.

  • Live Signals: Stream capture through encoder, allowing real-time monitoring, keyframe extraction, and documentation of the event while recording.
  • From File: Import large volumes of content automatically (watchfolders), or load individual files manually. Digitize files from physical forms, transcode to different qualities, and generate new content from Internet files. 

ISID offers services for upholding previous cataloging profiles of the digitized content. From the full integration of databases, to the simple preservation of hierarchical directory structures where files are located.

Establish different preset folders for automatic ingest (watchfolders).

Create and organize a multimedia library (videos, photos, audios, documents...).

Catalog content using documentation templates and define the different indexing fields.

Index content manually, or through automated processes and recognition systems.

Integrated player for viewing the content.

Saves files in different qualities and formats for straightforward edition and distribution. Including: MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, MXF, WMV, DV, DVCPRO, ProRes ... etc.

Perform content searches from the metadata and filter by source, date, and file type.

Cutting tools, allowing the indexing and selection of representative keyframes. Make use of relevant moments, saving them into video clips or EDLs.

Create user groups according to their functionality roles and access levels. Control file movements and tasks, using detailed usage logs.

Automate content treatment processes through a rules-based BPM system within Videoma.

Videoma features innovative analysis modules (recognition systems) that complement the tools available for the effective exploitation of multimedia files.

The Speech to Text module features the most advanced techniques in audio to text transcription, allowing the analysis and indexing of large volumes of audio into multiple languages and in real time.

Automatic download of embedded subtitles from television signals (Closed Caption).

Identify political campaign announcements, statements, a press conference, or an interview. Monitor its repercussion in the media through digital audio fingerprinting.

The Facial and Vocal Biometrics module allows the correct identification of people in video and audio files.

Special Characters Recognition (OCR), license plates, or logos.

Generate audio or video clips automatically using keywords. The Statistics and Reporting module will display the results of the analysis.

Direct integration with professional editing programs like Adobe Premiere, through Videoma plugins.

Export the content to any format, easing its edition, distribution, and integration with Broadcast Systems (playout).

API for content exploitation and metadata from third-party tools, as well as with big analysis platforms (big data).

Enable automatic content publication across social networks (YouTube, Facebook...) or corporate websites.