Privacy Policy

ISID hereby promises to protect and safeguard the personal information to which the Company gains access by way of the users or visitors to this website following the new General Data Protection Regulation starting May 25th 2018. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform users and visitors of our website of all relevant information regarding the collection and processing of personal information by ISID.

ISID reserves the right to modify and/or update this policy periodically in order to maintain compliance with current applicable legislation and legitimate ISID practices. The content of the new policy shall be published on the website and permanently available to users of and visitors to the website. Users and visitors are advised to read and consult this Privacy Policy each and every time they gain access to this website.

For any additional questions, reviewing, modifying, or eliminating user information please refer directly to


How does ISID collect personal information?

ISID collects website user and visitor information at different points in time:

During website navigation by registering the user / visitor IP address.

When the user or visitor communicates with ISID by sending an E-mail message.


What is personal information used for?

Data Collection Forms

Each one of the forms used to collect personal information shall provide the user with detailed information as to the way in which said data shall be processed, the reason it is being collected, a list of possible data recipients, the obligatory or optional nature of user answers to the questions asked and, in general, all information required by applicable personal information protection legislation.

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) on the contact form to be filled out by the user are necessary and obligatory for processing the user request. Filling out the remaining fields is optional. Should the user refuse to provide the information required by obligatory fields, ISID shall not process said request.

The user hereby promises to abstain from forwarding the following to the Consultation Mailbox: (i) confusing, false, exaggerated, offensive, denigrating or defamatory information that could constitute a crime or violation of any applicable legislation or that could be damaging to ISID, or to third parties; (ii) dangerous or illegal content; (iii) contents containing viruses or other computer programs that could damage website functioning or other systems and / or computers; (iv) surveys, chain letters or content designed to collect, save or use the personal information of other users for commercial purposes without due authorization (spamming); and/or (v) contents whose purpose is to disseminate political, ideological and religious statements.

ISID reserves the right to deny, suspend, interrupt or cancel, either totally or partially, access to or use of this Consultation Mailbox and/or this website for those users in non-compliance with the conditions set forth herein.

The personal information provided to the Company by way of the Consultation Mailbox shall be included in the database of ISID that received your electronic mail message for the purposes described herein. This shall be done in order to respond to your inquiry, to take care of your request, to forward your information request to the appropriate ISID companies, to compile statistics and to send you information related to ISID activities and services that could be of interest to you. Such information could include, but not be limited to, offers, news, events, newsletters, surveys and information related to the consulting department. Furthermore, we hereby inform you that your information could be transferred to other ISID companies, some of which have been established in countries that are not members of the European Union, for the purposes described herein. The identity and addresses of said ISID Organizations have been included in this website ( All such organizations work in related sectors.

IP address,
From the time the users gain access to our website, their Internet address could remain registered on our machines as LOG files (records). As a result, the users leave evidence of the IP address that was assigned to them by their internet access supplier. This means that each request, consultation, visit or call to one of the website elements could remain registered. Even so, the LOG files are anonymous (meaning they do not identify the full name of the user) and are solely used for internal purposes such as the compilation of statistics used to follow-up on website access control.


The Sending of Electronic Mail

Personal information (including, without limit, your electronic mail address) that is provided to the Company by website users or visitors who send electronic mail shall be included in a file that is the sole property and responsibility of ISID S.L. This shall be done in order to respond to your request and to forward you commercial or promotional information on ISID products, services, news or events using any media whatsoever, including electronic mail. Even so, said consent can be revoked. Thus, should the user not desire their information to be used for the purpose indicated herein or they wish to exercise their access, correction, cancellation or opposition rights, said user must notify ISID S.L. in writing at calle Serrano 77, 28006 Madrid and include a photocopy of their National Identity Document or its equivalent.


How do I update my personal information?

The user hereby declares that the personal information provided to ISID using this website – by way of completing corresponding forms or having sent an electronic mail message – is truthful, correct, updated and complete. The user is responsible for communicating any modification or updating of said information to ISID through the following email address:


What will happen if I provide ISID data to third parties?

Should the user include the personal information of other natural persons in either the corresponding electronic form or by sending an electronic mail message, prior to including or communicating their information to ISID, said user must inform the third parties involved of the contents of this Privacy Policy. The users shall guarantee that they have obtained previous consent from the aforementioned third parties in order to transmit their personal information to ISID.


At what point will I have given my consent to ISID to process my information?

As from the moment you forward us your personal information, by filling out electronic forms or sending us an E-mail, you are thereby authorizing us to process your personal information and transfer it to other ISID companies for the purposes described at the bottom of each form and/or this Privacy Policy.

Furthermore, access to or use of this website means that the user or visitor has comprehensively accepted this Privacy Policy and has given their consent and authorization for the collection, processing and communication of their personal

ISID hereby reminds all users of the possibility of exercising their access, correction, cancellation and opposition rights by sending a letter, along with a photocopy of their National Identity Document or its equivalent, to ISID S.L., calle Serrano 77, 28006 Madrid or to the corresponding ISID company.



Cookies are files which automatically gather information regarding your preferences when visiting a website in order to recognize you as a user, customize your experience and website use, and keep a record of website users. In these cases, cookies are saved on your hard drive until they expire or are deleted.

In addition to the cookies strictly necessary for the proper use of the website and the provision of services offered, this website may use Google Analytics cookies to obtain data on the number of website users, including details of the referring website and the total number of times a user has used the website in order to facilitate navigation and proceed to recording the number of website users, for purely statistical purposes.
In any case, given the website may be used without cookies, you can easily block and delete cookies installed on your computer. The procedures for blocking and removing cookies may differ from one Internet browser to another and, consequently, you must check the instructions provided by the Internet browser you are using:

  • Internet Explorer: Tools – Internet Options – Privacy – Settings. For more information, you can refer to Microsoft support or the browser’s Help function.
  • Safari: Preferences – Security. For more information, you can refer to Apple support or the browser’s Help function.
  • Firefox: Tools – Options – Privacy – History – Custom Settings. For more information, you can refer to Mozilla support or the browser’s Help function.
  • Chrome: Settings – Show Advanced Options – Privacy – Content Settings. For more information, you can refer to Google support or the browser’s Help function.

Most browsers allow you to configure cookie alerts or block them automatically. If you block cookies you can continue using the website, although some features may not be available.”

The Communication of Illegal or Inappropriate Activities

If any website user has knowledge of any hyperlink that leads to web pages whose content or services are illegal, harmful, denigrating, violent or morally inappropriate, said user should contact ISID and include the following real and alleged information:

The personal information of the informant: name, address, telephone number, electronic mail address;

A description of the facts that reveal the illegal or inappropriate nature of the hyperlink in question;

Should any violation of industrial or intellectual rights be involved, the personal information of owner of the right that has been violated must be provided if said person is not the informant himself. Furthermore, the informant must provide documentation that proves who the legitimate owner of the right in question is, including any power of attorney authorizing a third party to act on the legitimate owner’s behalf, if said third party is not the informant;

Pursuant to applicable company information service and electronic commerce guidelines, the reception of the aforementioned communication by ISID does not in any way whatsoever imply any real knowledge of the activities and/or contents indicated by the informant.



Under any and all circumstances, the use conditions set forth herein shall be governed by the European General Data Protection Regulation starting May 25th 2018.