ISID to present Videoma Media Monitor at FIBEP Congress
29 October, 2019
Videoma helps with technology in new situation derived from COVID-19
25 May, 2020


ISID and Unotelos participate in Social Media Week Africa

Between February 24 and 28 we have attended the international event Social Media Week Africa 2020, which takes place in Lagos, Nigeria. It is a must-visit event where we have presented, together with our partner in Nigeria, Unotelos, our software multimedia platform Videoma.

During the event we delivered a lecture where we presented, before more than 20 local companies, several use cases of Videoma Media Monitor and Videoma Agora. Our colleague Pablo Navarro, ISID’s representative at the conference, had the opportunity to demonstrate the great versatility of the platform and its capacity to track multimedia information applying technologies which include facial and voice recognition modules, logos and other graphs, and different types of products.

Videoma: a flexible platform

Videoma is an advanced platform for the analysis and management of multimedia content that includes artificial intelligence processing. Based on this solution, different products have been developed according to market needs.

Videoma Media Monitor is a powerful software platform devised to automate and carry out a complete management of media monitoring on traditional (TV and radio) as well as as online media (online mass media or social media). Thanks to recognition, this solution optimizes resources and costs, facilitating this way the classification of large volumes of data immediately and without direct supervision.

On the other hand, Videoma Agora is the solution that specializes in the recording, analysis, indexing and archiving of courtroom sessions. It includes a multiroom software that allows the automatic preparation and management of each session. Furthermore, through an advanced biometric recognition system it identifies each one of the speakers and makes a speech-to-text transcription of all the content.