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2 November, 2018
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Automated monitoring of electoral campaigns with Videoma

Monitoring public opinion, measuring online reputation and understanding the image conveyed by the media are fundamental matters in any electoral campaign.

New technologies have become key tools in politics. For example, the electoral campaign in Spain just kicked off, as the upcoming general, municipal and European elections approach. In this context, all the parties are carrying out actions in the main outlets, as well as in the digital media and social networks.

Monitoring an electoral campaign is difficult and it requires a large amount of resources, both financial ones and of personnel, due to its immediacy, the multitude of channels and the large amount of content generated.

ISID has developed Videoma, an automated multimedia content analysis tool that allows to capture and manage all kinds of material: documents, images, audio and video, in near-real time. This technological solution allows centralizing all the monitoring work in a single tool capable of streamlining and automating the analysis. Thus, it optimizes the monitoring of electoral campaigns. In order to do this, it incorporates the latest artificial intelligence technologies that automate the process, such as biometric, facial and vocal recognition, or the transcription of audio to text in different languages. This information is used for a wide range of applications. In the specific case of electoral campaigns, it facilitates to monitor the media portrayal and to follow up messages of interest in both traditional and digital outlets.

Active media monitoring

During election campaigns, it is essential to keep track of the political situation and to understand which messages appear in the media. Traditionally, this monitoring has been done through communication agencies and clippings that required a large number of people working on listening to the radio and watching television programs.

Videoma makes it possible to save a lot of resources, since it is not necessary to employ a team that actively monitors radio and television channels to find out what they are broadcasting about a candidate or an electoral issue. The tool is configured to receive all the channels of interest, record their content and perform an automatic analysis that allows to do a near-real time filtering by parameters such as specific words, tone of voice, cadence, facial biometrics, etc.

In addition, while media agencies usually charge for each clip they send, Videoma doesn’t apply any variable cost associated with the amount of material provided. Once the software applies the filtering, it separates the clips of interest, storing them or sending them to the team of analysts, according to the stipulated preferences.

Measuring the impact of specific statements on the media

It is crucial, in order to measure the effectiveness of a campaign, to control the messages shared with the media and to understand how they are reproduced in different outlets. Political parties often need to evaluate the impact of a specific statement and to measure which parts of it were broadcasted most frequently and by which channels. Videoma provides this information in just a matter of minutes. You just need to enter the declarations whose impact you want to know and it will perform an automatic filtering, extracting all the data regarding when and where it was broadcasted or used.

Public opinion in the digital environment

Understanding public opinion is key in the period preceding an election and, nowadays, digital platforms reflect an important part of it.

Social networks and digital channels are continuously active and they generate huge amounts of data, making it difficult to track them. Videoma allows to monitor and analyze all types of multimedia content, both generated in the traditional media and in digital environments, including text, photos and videos. Thus, it provides key information to optimize communication strategies within the framework of an election campaign.

In addition, the flexibility of Videoma makes it possible to adapt the tool to the needs of each customer, allowing its integration with Big Data analysis platforms and the incorporation of modules developed by third parties.